RubinBrown is pleased to present the 2018 Public Sector Municipal Statistical Analysis, our twelfth annual survey of municipal statistical and financial information.


This analysis has been created in order to provide a comprehensive report of key government-wide and governmental-fund financial statistics for the regions we serve so that city governments may compare how they are doing relative to other municipal governments in their region.


The study includes results from municipalities in the St. Louis, Kansas City, Denver Front Range metropolitan areas as well as cities throughout the state of Tennessee. The overall results of this year's survey indicate that 2017 was another year of moderate growth in the financial health of cities in most of the regions included in the survey.


We encourage each finance officer to share the results of this analysis with the city's chief executive officer and governing body to help key officials understand how their city compares to that of their peers. We are providing permission to use this analysis in your publication. I’d also be more than happy to connect you with a member of our Public Sector Service Group for further discussion, insight and analysis.